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GPSD CMAK (JV) Successfully Held a Product Promotion Event to Increase Future Sales

Date:2017-12-22 Views:211

CSSC Motoren Anqing – Kiel Co., Ltd. (CMAK) is a joint venture in Anqing, China co-invested by the Chinese leading ship builder group China State Shipping Corp. and the global leading engineering manufacturer, Caterpillar Inc. Recently on December 22, 2017, the facility held a successful MaK product promotion event to increase future sales.

To increase future sales, CSSC Motoren Anqing – Kiel Co., Ltd. (CMAK) hold MaK Product Promotion Event on Dec. 22 in Anhui, Anqing.

Given the fact that tThe offshore market of CAT Medium Speed Engine is not fully recovered yet, the CMAK management team of JV is seeking for new opportunities from Chinese marine market for profitable growth, and . tTug boat has been identified as target segment due to premier product requirement and recent investment plan from Chinese government. Hence was this promotion event which This promotion meeting aimed to make provide more tTug boat customers with deeper knowledge  on know CMAK and our great products deeply. For this meeting, we invited Sseveral domestic port shipping companies’ GMs, Vice Vice GMs and Technical Managers were invited to to attend this event, including Lianyungang, Qinhuangdao, Shenzhen Yan Tian, Nantong, Ningbo, etc.

On Dec. 22 morning,The invited customers customers first had a came to have factory tour . CMAK GM Mr. Chen Xinwei and Vice GM Mr. Su Zhenfang accompanied by  a. CMAK GM Mr. Chen Xinwei and Vice GM Mr. Su Zhenfang, with an nd introduction of ed the engine assembly line and manufacturing process along the way. Later on, customers they attended the Lianyungang 7600PS Tug boat 9M25 Engine FAT and witnessed one engine running test and another one finisheded engine parts inspection. The cCustomers all highly appreciated the event

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